President's Message

February 12, 2024

Dear Tuscany Homeowner,

This letter is sent to inform you of the Tuscany HOA Annual Meeting for all residents:

Date / Time:    Monday, March 11, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

Location:         Cornerstone Community Church, 1333 E Crown Point Rd, Ocoee

Attending the annual meeting is important for all residents. At this meeting, board members for the upcoming year will be elected.

The current board members who have volunteered to serve in 2024, if re-elected, are: Dexter Blois, Matt Gillis, Martin Isales, Mike Pastor, Tera Pauley, Heather Peery, and Jeanne Yazinski. We thank them for their continued service to our community. In addition, we would like to thank a former resident, Andy Horne, who has returned to our neighborhood and has agreed to serve again, if elected.  If between the receipt of this letter and the annual meeting date you would like to volunteer, you may contact any board member for information. The commitment of the HOA board members is a 1-hour monthly meeting and as much or little time you can provide.

As always, we encourage all residents to engage and attend any of the monthly meetings throughout the year to provide any insight or just to be up to date with the ongoings in the neighborhood regardless of joining the board. Our neighbors for over 30 years have taken on the oversight duties required of a board without having to contract with a management company.  This has resulted in our annual dues staying low and our neighbors staying in control of our beautiful neighborhood.

We will accept nominations prior to, and from the floor, the evening of the meeting. In addition to the election of board members, this meeting gives residents an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, or make suggestions pertaining to any aspect of the HOA operations or property maintenance.

Please feel free to contact your HOA board member by e-mail at or our Tuscany Facebook Group “Tuscany Neighborhood.” We hope to see you all at the March 11 meeting and look forward to serving you and the neighborhood this upcoming year.


Board of Directors

Tuscany Homeowners Association, Inc.