Community Oversight Committee


       Heather Peery, Chmn.
            1218 Thornbury Ct.         email     phone:  407.230.2337

        Community Oversight Committee is charged with the task of
        helping neighbors be in compliance with the CC&R's.

        If you need to plant, paint, prune, build, rip out or
        re-do landscape, build an addition or fence .... the
        Community Oversight Committee is your resource before
        submitting an ARB form if you are seeking guidance or
        opinions as to following the "regs".
        The Committee's intent is to make compliance a friendly
        process ..... always trying to make sure enforcement is
        uniform and reasonable.
        Click here to download ARB application form.

Sunshine Committee

Rose Staveley                     email     phone: 407.484.5342
1654 Malcolm Pointe Dr
Diane Johnson                    email     phone: 407.905.6081
1607 Malcolm Pointe Dr

Tuscany has always been recognized as a caring community that looks out for one another. It's the people who live here that make this a truly special neighborhood. Our Sunshine Committee exemplifies that spirit by providing flowers, candy, fruit baskets and other needs for our neighbors who are seriously ill or have a tragedy occur in their lives.

Committee members would like to thank everyone who donated to help fund this committee's work and who assist in other ways. If you know of any of our neighbors in need or would like to help in other ways please contact one of the committee members listed below.

Tuscany Women's Club

The Women's Club gets together the 4th Wednesday of each month for a casual potluck and great conversation. Come on out and get to know your neighbors and what's going on in our busy lives. For more information contact Diane Johnson, 1607 Malcolm Pointe Dr. by email