Board Meeting Minutes from 8 April 2024

Tuscany HOA Board Meeting
 April 8, 2024

(On-Site Meeting at 1678 Victoria Way
Jeanne Yazinski’s House)

Board Member Attendees: Jeanne Yazinski (President), Andy Horne (Vice President), Dexter Blois (Treasurer), Mike Pastor (Secretary), Heather Peery (Community Oversight Chair), Tera Pauley, Matt Gillis.

Board Members Absent: None

Resident Attendees: None

Jeanne called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. This meeting was audio recorded by Mike to aid minutes preparation.

Secretary’s Report

        Corrections to the March Meeting minutes: Matt Gillis was in attendance (previously omitted) and the next meeting (tonight’s meeting is April 8th).  Minutes, as amended, were approved.  Andy moved we also approve the January and February Minutes in case they were not previously approved.  These were approved, as well.

Treasurer’s Report

        Account Balances, as of March 31, 2024 were:

Checking $6,652
Savings: $8,535
Fidelity: $31,569 (Money Market)

$5,000 was transferred from Savings to Checking.  Funds will be transferred, as needed.

Four homeowners have not yet paid dues.

Heather made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Mike seconded it.  The Board unanimously approved it.

The formal process to address unpaid dues is as follows:

  1. Notice of Late Assessment is sent monthly indicating the balance past due and monthly accrued interest.
  2. After 30 days past due, Intent To Lien (a Demand Letter) can be sent.
  3. After 45 days past due, a lien can be filed by counsel.
  4. After 45 days past due, a Delinquent Assessment notice will be sent.
  5. After 45 days past due, the property can be Foreclosed. We want to avoid this, if possible.

We will continue to monitor unpaid dues.

Community Oversight’s Report

1201 Thornbury (Weeding beds)
1504 Cashiers (Leaves on the Roof)

ARB Requests:
1656 Victoria Way: Water Filtration System
1673 Victoria Way: Retaining Wall
1571 Victoria Way: Replace Wood Fence with PVC Fence
1523 Hawkesbury: Screen Room

Yard of the Month: 1635 Charlemagne Ct (The Reynolds)

Irrigation system repairs are half done.  All electrical work is done.

The pond still looks good.

Old Business

        Metronet will be digging to install fiber optic internet service planned to all of the City of Winter Garden.  A new competitor to Spectrum.  Jeanne called and signed up for the Two Year special $59 per month the 1st year, $69 per month the second year plus $50 hook-up fee and get a $200 Visa Gift Card for advance sign up. Then it goes to the regular $79/mo.  There’s no contract to sign, but if you opt for the $200 Gift Card, you’re obligated for a 2-year minimum. Their website indicates “By signing up early, you'll begin receiving regular updates about construction progress, and you'll be at the front of the line to schedule installation as soon as your address is eligible.”  Dexter also signed up online. 

New Business

          Community Yard Sale – Someone asked on the Tuscany Neighborhood Facebook page about the next Community Yard Sale.  It was suggested we consider it for the Fall.  Any resident can hold a yard sale on their own any time they wish.

        Golf Carts – The City of Winter Garden was contacted about making Tuscany a Golf Cart Community, however the City indicated that would not happen since there is much too much traffic on Fuller Cross Road to allow golf carts because it is a safety issue. Dexter made a motion to table this discussion. Heather seconded it.  It was unanimously agreed to table discussion.

Adjournment – Dexter moved we adjourn, Mike seconded it. All Board Members agreed. The meeting adjourned at 7:31 PM. Dexter will attend next month’s meeting remotely from Massachusetts.

The next H.O.A. Board Meeting will be held on Monday, 05/06/24 at 7:00 PM, at 1678 Victoria Way (Jeanne Yazinski’s House)

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Pastor, Secretary

The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.