Board Meeting Minutes from 13 November 2023

 November 13, 2023
(On-Site Meeting at 1678 Victoria Way-Jeanne Yazinski’s House)

Board Member Attendees: Jeanne Yazinski (President), Tera Pauley (Vice President), Dexter Blois (Treasurer), Mike Pastor (Secretary), Heather Peery (Community Oversight Committee Chairperson), Matt Gillis.

Board Members Absent: Martin Isales

Resident Attendees: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.  This meeting was audio recorded by Mike to aid minutes preparation.

Secretary’s Report

        The October 12, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes were e-mailed to board members November 12, 2023, at 5:26 PM.  Dexter made a motion to approve, and Matt seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

        Dexter sent the Month Ending 10/31/23 report on 11/02/23 with Account Balances of:

Checking:   $8,668      Savings:   $13,534      Fidelity(MoneyMkt):$30,922 

Dexter stated that 83% of the year has elapsed.

We’ve spent $30,477 of the $30,550 budgeted for 2023 which is 99.8% of it.  As mentioned previously, there was about $10,000 of unbudgeted unforeseen required expenses. Since we never transferred leftover funds in recent prior years out of the checking account, we are still in good shape and will not have to transfer anything from our savings account.

We had the following line items either over budget or unbudgeted:

  • Insurance was $835 over budget
  • Pressure Washing was $1,580 over budget
  • Irrigation & Well Repair was $3617 over budget
  • Pond Aeration County Grant (Tuscany’s share) unbudgeted of $3,888

Which totals $9,920 above budget, but agreeably was all necessary and unavoidable.

Dexter made a point to mention that we’ve earned $992 so far on the funds that were transferred into the Fidelity Money Mkt account earlier this year as compared to only a dollar OR LESS each month of interest earned in the Savings account.

Jeanne made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Mike seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

BUDGET FOR 2024: We discussed the revised proposed budget (.v2a) which includes increases and decreases as follows:

$600 increase

for Insurance

  $200 increase

for Lawn Maintenance

$2,100 increase

for Mulching and Tree Trimming

$2,000 decrease

for Pressure Washing and Other Landscape Expense

$1,000 increase

for Electrical Maintenance

   $500 increase

for Irrigation and Well Maintenance

   $100 decrease

for Office Supplies & P.O. Box Rental

    $50 increase

for Printing

This results in a net increase of $2,350 which exactly equals the additional dues of $25 per home X 94 homes.

Jeanne made a motion to approved the proposed budget (.v2a) and Heather seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.

DUES FOR 2024.  Last month we voted and approved a $25 increase in dues from $325 to $350 for 2024.  Dues billing will get mailed after Christmas.

At the end of January/early February the letter announcing the Annual Meeting that will be in March will be sent.

Community Oversight Committee – Heather Peery

YARD OF THE MONTH for October – The Walkers at 1678 Malcolm Pt



  • 1666 Malcolm Pt. –  Solar Panels
  • 1643 Malcolm Pt. –  Shed
  • 1200 Thornbury Ct. –  Garage carriage lights


Violations from previous month(s):
▪1569 Victoria Wy – Improper fence style – Fence was repaired; however, a stockade fence style was used, which is not permitted by the deed restrictions, resulting in a new violation.  An ARB Request would have avoided this.
▪1551 Victoria Wy – House painting (due to vine overgrowth removal)
▪1629 Charlemagne Ct – Driveway/Sidewalk Pressure Washing
▪1536 Cashiers Dr – Flowerbed/Landscaping
▪1637 Malcolm Point Dr – Pressure Washing

New Violations this month:
▪1648 Victoria Wy – Damaged fence gate
▪1504 Cashiers Dr – Car with Expired Registration (City of W Gdn enforces
▪1503 Cashiers Dr – Weeding & Mailbox disrepair
▪1671 Malcolm Pt – Pressure Washing & Derelict Vehicles
▪1567 Victoria Wy – Fence Gate Repair
▪1625 Charlemagne Ct – Mulching



▪ City of Winter Garden will repave Tuscany’s streets in February or March 2024
▪ Mulching common areas is now scheduled for January 2, 2024.
▪ Pond treatment scheduled for tomorrow 11/14/23
▪ Irrigation repair/evaluation scheduled for 11/28/23.  There are some dry areas, so we expect some heads damaged.
▪ Weed fabric is needed before the mulch is installed
▪ Front entrance lights:

▪ Atop wall on west side of entry NOT WORKING – The vendor that installed the light and new Tuscany signs in 2019 will replace it.
▪ We have two old lights in the storage unit, that were removed when the wall was damaged by lightening a few years ago, since the damaged lights could not be replaced to match the other two so all 4 were replaced.  It was agreed we do not need to keep these two and should be discarded or sold.
▪ Replacement of photo sensor to turn the wall lights on/off with an Intermatic mechanical timer which costs $105 at Amazon.  We should make sure the electrician doesn’t attempt to sell us one for a higher price.


Metronet will install fiber optic cabling for the entire city of Winter Garden, including Tuscany.  Dexter spoke to Metronet.  They will bore under the streets and run their cabling along the “beauty belt” (the easement space between the street and sidewalk) and they will provide marker flags to all homeowners to place at each sprinkler head and they’ll repair any/all problems.  We will obtain and publish, post and share the necessary contact telephone numbers in advance.


Women’s Club Christmas Party: Monday, December 11th.

Santa Claus/Fire truck/City of Winter Garden: Tuesday, December 12th.

Luminaries: Saturday, December 16th. ß RESCHEDLED, not 12/09.


A discussion was held regarding revisions to the Tuscany CC&R’s.  According to the existing CC&R’s, revisions can be made by the H.O.A. Board of Directors when voted on by the Board.  (Tuscany is a Deed Restricted Community with CCR’s which means Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions)

The next H.O.A. Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 12/05/23  at 7:00 PM, at Jeanne’s house at 1678 Victoria Way.

ANNUAL MEETING: Monday, March 4, 2024 (Cornerstone Church) Mike Pastor will confirm meeting date and time with Pastor Mike of the church.

Adjournment – Jeanne moved we adjourn, Mike seconded it. All Board Members agreed.  The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Pastor, Secretary

The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.