Board Meeting Minutes from 2 October 2023

(On-Site Meeting at 1678 Victoria Way-Jeanne Yazinski’s House)

Board Member Attendees: Jeanne Yazinski (President), Tera Pauley (Vice President), Dexter Blois (Treasurer) -By Phone, Mike Pastor (Secretary), Heather Peery (Community Oversight Committee Chairperson), Matt Gillis, Martin Isales.

Board Members Absent: None

Resident Attendees: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM.  This meeting was audio recorded by Mike to aid minutes preparation.

Secretary’s Report

        The September 11, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes were e-mailed to board members October 1, 2023, at 3:57 PM.  Heather made a motion to approve, and Tera seconded the motion.  Dexter abstained since he did not attend that meeting.  It was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

        Dexter sent the report on 09/30/23 with Account Balances of:

Checking:   $10,216    Savings:   $13,534      Fidelity (Money Mkt):   $30,792 

Dexter stated that 75% of the year has elapsed.

We’ve spent $28,929 of the $30,550 which is 94% of it.  As mentioned previously, there was about $10,000 of unbudgeted, unforeseen required expenses. Since we never transferred left over funds in previous years out of the checking account, we are still in good shape and will not have to transfer anything from our savings account.

Dexter made a point to mention that we’ve earned $792 on the funds that were transferred into the Fidelity Money Mkt account earlier this year as compared to only a dollar OR LESS each month of interest earned in the checking account.

Mike made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Heather seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

We discussed dues and the proposed budget for 2024, however Mike (Secretary) opted to document those in the New Business section of these minutes.

Community Oversight Committee – Heather Peery

YARD OF THE MONTH for September1622 Victoria Way.


None (Tree removal at 1200 Thornbury, due to an arborist report, in lieu of an ARB Request)


▪1569 Victoria Wy - Fence repair – Fence was repaired; however a stockade fence style was used, which is not permitted by the deed restrictions, resulting in a new violation.  An ARB Request would have avoided this. A new violation has now been issued.
▪1551 Victoria Wy – Repeat Violation weeds & vines on pool cage/home, leaves on roof, landscape cleanup (some progress made).  Since this is a continual repetitious problem, a notice was sent to indicate each time it becomes a violation again, it’ll go straight to the Fines Committee to eliminate the warnings & letters over and over again.  If not remedied by Oct. 11, the Fines Committee will meet to assess.
▪1629 Charlemagne Ct – Driveway Sidewalk Pressure Washing
▪1536 Cashiers Dr – Flowerbed cleanup in progress
▪1637 Malcolm Point Dr - Sidewalk cleaning still pending (2nd notice).



HOA cannot address multiple cars owned by a homeowner. There is no deed restriction limit. The city Code Enforcement can take action if sidewalk is blocked and/or if a car(s) is (are) inoperable and/or do not have a current tag/registration.

Front entry carriage light timer/sensor and/or light outage. An electrician will be out soon to evaluate status/issue and recommend corrective action.


Community Yard Sale will be Saturday, October 21st. 1-Day Only like in the past.

Luminaries: Saturday, December 9th.


DUES FOR 2024.  We’ve touched briefly on the possibility of needing to raise dues next year, in the past.  We postponed mulching the common areas. We had increases for electricity, insurance, irrigation repairs, Tuscany’s share the Pond Aeration Grant and sidewalk pressure washing that collectively ran about $10,000.  We do not expect pressure washing, pond aeration, etc. to recur next year, however overall as we’ve seen in our own households, the cost for everything has gone up.

To mulch, trim common area trees and for expected increases we need to increase dues from $325 to $350 in 2024. Jeanne made a motion to increase the dues by $25 and Dexter seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.  We will review the proposed budget next month and vote on it then.

PROPOSED BUDGET FOR 2024: Dexter e-mailed it to the board members.  We will review it and ask Dexter any questions prior to the November 13th meeting.

NEIGHBORHOOD DIRECTORY: Tera committed to taking responsibility for future issues of the directory. We are very grateful to Don Kress (and Sandra Wilt) for past issues.

The next H.O.A. Board Meeting will be held on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 7:00 PM, at Jeanne’s house at 1678 Victoria Way. We will discuss the budget and year-end letter.

Adjournment – Dexter moved we adjourn, Heather seconded it. All Board Members agreed.  The meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Pastor, Secretary

The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.