Board Meeting Minutes from July 12, 2021

(in person at Randy Mears’ House)

Board Member Attendees: Randy Mears (VP), Dexter Blois-By Phone (Treas.), Mike Pastor (Sec), Heather Peery (Community Oversight Chairperson), Stephen Jones

Board Members Absent: Andrew Horne (President), Previously Resigned/Moved Away and David Weakley

Resident Attendees: Sandra Wilt

  1. This meeting was called to order by Randy Mears, Vice President, at 7:02 PM.  This in-person meeting was audio recorded; however, the draft of these minutes and the audio recording were lost due to Mike Pastor’s computer crash and an updated back-up had failed to run.
  1. The first order of business was to fill the vacant President’s position.  Dexter nominated Sandra Wilt to the fill the vacant Board Member position and the Board unanimously voted to accept the nomination and to fill that position.  Dexter then nominated Sandra to be the President and the Board unanimously elected her to that vacant officer position.
  1. Meeting minutes review and approval – Minutes of the May Board Meeting were approved following a motion by Heather which was seconded by Randy.
  2. Financial / Treasurer’s Report
    1. Dexter reported the Tuscany H.O.A. has the following account balances:
         > Savings:      $43,517
         > Checking:    $26,718
    2. To date this year, the H.O.A. has spent $11,231 (or 39%) of the $29,000 annual budget.
    3. Mike made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and Randy seconded the motion.  The Board then voted unanimously to accept it.
  3. Community Oversight Committee – Heather Peery
    ARB (Architectural Review Board) Requests Received & Approved:

1664 Victoria Way – Roof replacement (submitted 4/26/21)
1673 Victoria Way – Hurricane Shutters (submitted 5/5/21)
1213 Thornbury Ct – Roof replacement (submitted 4/2921)
1609 High Hampton Ct– roof replacement (submitted 6/5/2021)
1615 Walkerton Ct – roof replacement (submitted 6/10/21)
1678 Malcolm Pointe Dr – Pool and patio roof extension (submitted 6/11/21)
1672 Malcolm Pointe Dr – roof replacement (submitted 6/13/21)
1519 Cashiers Dr – roof replacement (submitted 6/14/21)
1631 Charlemagne Ct – Paint, hedge removal, roof replacement, front porch railing replacement (submitted 6/21/21)
1600 Victoria Way – paint (submitted 6/30/21)
1200 Thornbury Ct – Tree Removal in backyard (submitted 7/2/21)

Current Violations:

1551 Victoria Way – sidewalk/driveway need cleaning.  First requested on 2/3, second request on 3/1, 1st violation on 5/3, 2nd violation on 6/3.  Car in driveway with expired tag will be referred to Winter Garden Code Enforcement.   Recommend mailing all future violation notices with signature required.

1504 Cashiers Dr – Yard needs re-sodding.  2nd violation issued on 6/3/21.  I spoke to Ms. Smith on 6/18.  She is getting estimates on having the irrigation system repaired and then will re-sod the yard.  She also advised she will be submitting a request in the future for paint. 

We may need to start a fines committee. 

Non-official requests are still being issued with great compliance before an actual violation is issued.

Additional Business:

5/23 – Contacted Solitude Lake Management re: pond algae bloom.  Numerous messages left before I finally reached Allen.  Communication wasn’t great, but pond bloom was brought under control.  We are on a quarterly schedule, but not necessarily done every three months, just within those three months.  This can lead to a longer time frame between treatments.  Are we supposed to be notified when they do come out?  Have not gotten responses from Solitude on this question.

Facebook reminders were made for what the rules/violations are for boats and recreational vehicles in neighborhood and for the removal of garbage cans in a timely fashion from view (both from street and from in front of garages).  Both were due to complaints being received. 

Lagos Landscaping has been contacted every week regarding landscaping.  Photos are supplied of areas of problems.  Routinely not picking up debris, shrubs not being trimmed, weeds in beds, etc.   The Lagos Brothers have been responsive to my texts.  Unless it improves, I recommend looking for new company when/if the grant for front of complex is approved. 

The Walkers at 1678 Malcolm Pointe Dr discussed the “20-foot wall easement” that a survey showed intruded into their yard.  Documents were located that showed the easement had been amended to only 10 feet.  Copies of that were retained as it affects several lots and is on file with Orange County. 

  1. New Business
  1. Neighborhood Book Exchange – Sandra brought up the idea of a book exchange and another neighborhood having a “weatherproof cabinet” and discussion was held if Tuscany might benefit from such a repository that residents could use to donate books, borrow books, etc.  Sandra moved we allocate up to $500 for such a “cabinet” should a suitable one be identified for this purpose.  Mike seconded it and it was voted on and passed unanimously.
  1. Welcome Committee (to welcome new neighbors to Tuscany).  Dexter had raised a question, via e-mail, on July 9th asking if we still have a Welcome Wagon (Welcome Committee) to welcome new residents to Tuscany since we had two recent sales and the residents will be moving in.  Heather had replied indicating a willingness to participate.  In this Board Meeting, Sandra also agreed to act in this role.
  1. OPEN BUSINESS (Not Discussed in July 12 Meeting)
    1. Estoppel: In May 24, 2021 meeting Dexter questioned if the approach of the estoppel fee getting paid to the Tuscany H.O.A. at closing makes sense since the paperwork must be prepared and submitted to the closing agent prior to closing and we should be paid regardless of whether the closing takes place, as anticipated, or not.  It seems that the estoppel notice should not be issued until the fee is paid. Discussion of this will be continued at the next board meeting. Attorneys that Dexter and Andy know will be asked, too.
  1. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 7:44 PM. 
    Next Meeting is scheduled on Monday, August 16th at 7:00 PM at Sandra Wilt’s Back Porch (it is later in the month so Orange County’s review of our landscaping grant application on 8/11 can also be discussed.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Pastor, Secretary

The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.