Board Meeting Minutes from April 6, 2020

Tuscany HOA Monthly Board Meeting

Video Meeting due to COVID-19

April 6, 2020

Meeting started at 7:05 pm

Board Member Attendees: Stephen Jones, Jeanne Yazinsky, Monica Lepp, Mike Pastor, Randy Mears, Larry Ort Board Member(s)
Absent: Andy Horne 
Resident Attendee: Dexter Blois
H.O.A. Board Officers:  Motion was made by Jeanne that new board officers are as follows:
  • President – Stephen Jones
  • Secretary – Mike Pastor
  • Previous officers elected by the board were:
  • Treasurer – Monica Lepp w/Jeanne Yazinsky assisting in-transition
  • Vice President – Andy Horne Seconded by Randy Mears
  • Votes were unanimous

Treasurer Report: 

  • Account Balances Checking Account: $23,415.91
  • Savings Account Balance: $45,506.00
  • Homeowner Dues Owed: $2,608 (owed by 3 homeowners)
  • Past Due Unpaid Dues Bowersox - Bowersox didn't accept the registered letter for the past due Dues balance. Tell our attorney (Paul) to proceed to file the* lien.  Paul has already been paid for this.
  • Hurst pest control/fertilizer - Vendor follow-up. Question outstanding bills, renewal for this year. They stated they had an incorrect email address for Jeanne to send bills.  Larry will check contract and follow-up. It’s approximately $1900/year after a 10% pre-payment discount for the year which we pay in advance at the beginning of the year.   Hurst claimed we owe $54 Past Due from 2018 that they never billed us for.  Why never billed—can’t expect to ever get paid.  Since we were under a contract & it was prepaid for the year there shouldn’t have been any additional amounts. Jeanne requested the 2020 annual invoice a week ago and as of this meeting, the invoice had not been received.  There’s always a challenge getting prompt and accurate bills.  We like their rates and service.

Mike moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Monica 2nd it and it passed unanimously.

Community Oversight Committee Report (Larry Ort)

  • Non-violation (Written request issued): 
  • Fence needs to be repaired/replaced on Cashiers 
  • Another on Cashiers issue with trash bins, door & miscellaneous items that needed to be moved from the driveway/side of house to not be visible from the street
  • Previous non-violations were completed: 3 properties to pressure wash driveway/sidewalks
  • Lawn of the month was not issued last month (march)
ARB Requests:
  1. received to replace shingles on a roof;
  2. replaced landscape timbers with bricks;
  3. Replace shrubs

At the annual meeting questions were raised:

  • How many pets are allowed at a residence—City of Winter Garden does not get concerned unless there are issues of pets not being properly cared for.
  • Can an inoperative vehicle be parked on a resident’s property?  There is an ordinance to prohibit this, but it needs to be reported to the police department.
  • Fences condition-missing boards; wood rotting--must be kept in structural condition ordinance.
  • Residents not cleaning up their pet waste – city ordinance requires this with fines that range from $84 to $110 to be enforced by the city’s code enforcement, not by the H.O.A.
  • A street light was inoperative on Malcolm Point-Ron reported it and Duke Energy repaired.
  • Question raised about parking near fire hydrants on Victoria Way-yes, it is a confirmed violation.  Residents need to report incidents to the Winter Garden Police.
  • A new irrigation company (Jeanne & Larry met them) called Water Systems Irrigation.
  • Sand had washed out on the sidewalk along Fullers Cross Rd and Larry cleaned that up and a sprinkler got repaired there.
  • Timer for the pump needed to be changed for daylight savings time.
  • Entrance wall was pressure washed and three-pointed where mortar was loose or missing.
  • Lighting was installed at the new entrance signs.
  • Entrance Signs (Dexter Blois) – Orange County Grant

Tuscany had committed $250 (our 5% of the $5,000 project). Invoice from Vital signs for only $233 (total project came in less at $4,660). Two new granite signs, electrical work, new lighting and an outdoor outlet on the west side wall. Project completed. Passed Inspection. Invoice Paid. Final report sent to Orange County with our appreciation expressed to the county commissioners.

OLD BUSINESS HOA Charter Renewal 

  • Must be renewed by September 2020
  • Sandra had contacted Paul (attorney)
  • Must be a special meeting (possibility a board meeting, not sure), with notification to all residents, with special wording prepared by including the date/time/location of the meeting.
  • Can it be a “virtual” meeting, depending on Covid-19/CDC Social Distancing requirements?
  • Letter must be sent at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.
  • Attorney has already been paid $700 for this.
  • The Charter Renewal will be handled on June 8th at 7:00pm.  Location and type of the meeting (in person/”virtual” {call-in}, etc.) to be finalized.
  • Lien for unpaid dues - Certified letter was returned/never accepted for payment with 45 days.  Attorney needs to proceed to file the lien paperwork. (Stephen to contact Paul via e-mail)
  • Neighborhood Directory – Volunteers Sandra & Don.  On Hold till Covid-19 restrictions are over.
NEXT HOA Board Meeting -- Monday, May 11th at 7 PM
Meeting adjourned at 7:41pm

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Pastor, Secretary


The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.