Board Meeting Minutes from February 10, 2020

Tuscany HOA Monthly Board Meeting

February 10, 2020

Call to Order was made by Sandra Wilt at 6:58 p.m. The meeting was attended by board members Sandra Wilt, Jeanne Yazinski, Monica Lepp, Larry Ort, Andy Horne, and *Mike Pastor
(*Note: Mike Pastor joined the meeting at 7:11pm and was briefed on what had already been discussed)

There were 2 community members in attendance: Dexter and Sue Blois

Treasurer's Report Jeanne Yazinski gave a treasurer's report which shows:

Current checking balance: $31,581.70

Current savings balance: $45,504.57

Dues owed by 5 residents: $3,174.22
(Residents are billed and the balances accrue interest every month. Late fees have been added and the invoices sent out to the accounts with overdue payments for annual HOA dues.)

Jeanne reported that a laptop has been purchased (It cost approximately $400) for the Tresaurer and that it has been set up with QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Norton Antivirus. (Note: Jeanne put the Norton under her own personal account as she was allowed 5 devices but only has one home computer.) Also, Jeanne noted that Quickbooks 2016 is no longer supported and that the HOA may need to upgrade Quickbooks at some point in the future. Andy motioned that the Treasurer's Report be accepted. Sandra seconded and it was carried unanimously.

Community Oversight Committee Report: Larry Ort shared the Community Oversight Committee Report.

  • January:

Larry reported that there were no new or current CC&R violations for January. There were 4 previously issued non-violations, two of which had already been corrected by the homeowners. The two remaining non-violations are for pressure washing the driveway and sidewalk.

The Lawn of the Month was not issued in January

  • There was 1 ARB request in September:
    • 1678 Victoria Way  Paint Home
  • General Community Issues:
    • Christmas decorations were taken down at the entrance and placed in the storage unit.
    • Heather posted a note on Facebook as a general reminder to clean driveways and sidewalks that are in need.
    • The HOA information box was removed and spruced up with new cork board and reinstalled.
    • Brick Wall  Larry noticed some loose mortar and rusting of the internal metal supports. He spoke with HOA Vendor McDonald, and was told that to clean the brick wall and remove the loose mortar and replace the mortar with matching mortar would be $1850-$2000. The wall is not in danger, but this would be a suggested proactive move to stop further damage from occurring. Jeanne motioned to accept that the Board take this step to secure the wall. Andy 2nd the motion and it was carried unanimously.

Old Business  The community beautification grant project is ongoing. Apparently, the sign company could not locate granite to match the other sign, so they will be making two signs so they match. It will likely be completed in a month from now. Larry is sending in the required bi-monthly reports on the progress of the project. Since we were going over the time period deadline, Larry asked for an extension, which was granted.

New Business:

  • Dexter presented an update on his inquiry about getting a generator at the lift station by the Tuscany entrance. He met on January 22 with the Supervisor of Water and Sewer, Richard Fasano and Jacob at our lift station. The cost of a permanent generator at the lift station is very expensive. The cost of a portable generator for the location is approximately $56,000. According to the contact that Dexter met with, our station is linked to other neighborhoods in the area. A few homes from the Trails of Winter Garden and Corsino Street are also linked in. Dexter will present an update at the Annual Meeting.
  • The community garage sale will be held on Saturday, March 28th. The sign will be posted by the Tuscany entrance a week prior.
  • One resident owes over $1,000 in HOA dues and has not responded to repeated attempts by the board to collect. One last letter has been sent to this resident and if the monies are not paid in full, the Board will take action to place a lien on the residence. This letter was sent on February 5, 2020. The date for compliance before turning over to the attorney is March 23rd. Sandra will set up an introduction with the new board president with attorney Paul Hinckley.
  • The board needs to refile our CC&Rs. They are due to expire at the end of 30 years from original filing date, which is September 2020. Cost is $600-$700, but if we hire him to do it, Hinckley will waive the fee of $160 to respond to the lien letter on the residence of 1201 Thornbury Court. Mike moved to have the attorney get started on refiling the CC&Rs. Jeanne seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.
  • John from living waters moved away to Georgia. He has recommended a business associate of his who will honor the contract that we had with John. They have and will send us their Certificate of Insurance.
  • Tuscany Directory: Sandra has agreed to work with resident Don Kress on updating the Tuscany Directory. Residents have been asked to update their address, email and phone number with the board before it goes out for printing.
  • Annual Meeting: The notice to residents about the annual meeting was sent out on February 5, 2020. Jeanne will make ballots for the meeting just in case more people volunteer to be in the board and a vote is needed. (Currently, the board has 2 volunteers: Stephen Jones & Randy Mears). Jeanne will also make and bring a sign in sheet for the meeting. Larry will post the sign notifying residents of the meeting  one week out from the date of the meeting on March 2, 2020. The meeting will start at 6:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Next meeting date: Monday, March 9th will be held at 1678 Victoria Way and will include the election of the officers of the board.

Neighborhood Yard Sale: Saturday, 28 March 9A-1P

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Lepp, Secretary


The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.