Board Meeting Minutes from February 4, 2019

Tuscany HOA Monthly Board Meeting

Monday February 4, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM.

In Attendance

Board members: Sandra Wilt, Jeanne Yazinski, Larry Ort, Kristen Gordon, Donna Horsley

Residents: Dexter Blois, Sue Blois, Heather Peery, Diane Johnson, Ron Yazinski, Lill Gividen, Monica Lepp, Ann Blastic, Tom Blastic, Kent Horsley, Donna Horsley, Lori Maldony

Non-Residents: Officer Waters (WGPD Officer/Tuscany Liaison), Luis & Eric (Surveillance Plus)

January 2019 HOA Board Meeting minutes provided prior to meeting for review and approval to board via email; motion by Jeanne to accept minutes, Larry seconds.  January 2019 HOA minutes approved by board.

Treasurer's Report (Jeanne):

  • Review of January Report:
    • Checking Balance: $28,756.13
    • Savings Balance: $41,480.54
    • Eight (8) residents currently have not paid dues; will owe interest and late fee of $25 since not paid by January 31st
  • Motion by K. Gordon to accept the Treasurer's Report, S. Wilt seconds.  Treasurer's Report approved by board.

Community Oversight Committee (Larry):

  • January Violations
    • Current violations:
      • 1555 Victoria Way - Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway
      • 1539 Hawksbury Ct - Have roof cleaned
    • Prior outstanding violations:
      • 1629 Charlemagne Ct - Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway (2ND NOTICE ISSUED)
      • 1607 High Hampton - Non-Registered SUV in driveway (COMPLETE)
      • 1607 High Hampton - Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway (2ND NOTICE ISSUED)
      • 1503 Cashiers Drive - Pressure wash shingles (SELF CLEAN - COMPLETE)
      • 1504 Cashiers Drive - Pressure wash shingles (SELF CLEAN - COMPLETE)
      • 1508 Cashiers Drive - Pressure wash shingles (SELF CLEAN - COMPLETE)
      • 1603 High Hampton - Pressure wash shingles (SELF CLEAN - COMPLETE)
      • 1200 Thornbury Ct - Pressure wash shingles (3RD NOTICE/VIOLATION ISSUED; COPY FORWARDED TO S. WILT)
  • Yard of Month:
    • Not Issued in January 2019
  • ARB requests:
    • 1635 Charlemagne Ct - Paint front door (APPROVED)
    • 1571 Victoria Way - Replace roof shingles (APPROVED)



  • Additional Community Oversight Activity:
    • 1/3/19 - Self clean of shingles performed by four (4) Tuscany residents after issued notices; letters were issued to residents thanking them for cleaning their roofs, accepting the results and reminding them that as the monitoring continues, it may be necessary to clean shingles more often due to self-cleaning, to prevent additional violations in the future.
    • 1/7/19 - Annual HOA Meeting & Yard Sale signs ordered from VistaPrint.  Signs received on 1/17/19 and placed on stands.
    • 1/11/19 - Fast Signs out of Orlando advised L. Ort to call Orange County Government Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization to see if we could apply for a grant for our front entrance.  D. Blois & L. Ort have been organizing documentation for grant that would pay up to $5,000 in approved for entrance  (Tuscany would be responsible for 5%).  HOA board approved grant exploration via email and additional report out to be done at February HOA Board Meeting (see Old Business section for more).
    • 1/15/19 - Noticed sand on sidewalk adjacent to Fullers Cross Rd & Tuscany hedges; also found large drain grate under hedges.  Cleaned debris off grate and trimmed hedges above grate.  John Mullgrav checked sprinklers for leaks (not found) due to sand but advised zone 9 was not operating.  Possibility that someone was reprogramming controller so new labeling and locks were ordered and installed to ensure this wouldn't happen again (complete, 1/25/19).
    • 1/24/19 - Job description for Community Oversight Committee developed and provided to S. Wilt.


Old Business

  • Based on follow up from January HOA board meeting, WGPD officer and representatives from Surveillance Plus invited to join to discuss options for Tuscany residents in relation to adding a security system and discuss overall safety of Tuscany.  A recap of this session is as follows:
    • Surveillance Plus representatives provided a presentation and Q&A regarding what they do and what equipment and services they provide.  If selected, Tuscany would own cameras and would either be responsible for maintaining or would pay fee to have them maintained.  Cameras would record locally and include three cameras, including a license plate reader.  Surveillance Plus will provide names of several HOAs in the area who utilize their products/services for S. Wilt to discuss effectiveness with prior to Annual Meeting.
    • Officer Waters added feedback that the cameras provide good quality and something to start from if an occurrence happens.  He also noted that while a few isolated incidents have occurred, he does not believe Tuscany has a crime problem and reminded residents to be diligent in taking the proper precautions to avoid crimes of opportunity (i.e. lock cars, remove valuables from cars, ensure garage doors are closed, etc.).
    • Survey will be provided for residents to give opinion prior to the Annual Meeting and will be brought up for discussion again after additional feedback gathered.
  • Neighborhood Pride Entranceway Grant
    • Tuscany applying for grant through Orange County Government to improve Tuscany entranceway by adding a second sign on the wall coming into the community (will best try to match the other sign) and add additional lighting for both sides.
    • Grant requires three (3) vendor quotes; at time of meeting, two have been secured with third in works to be delivered in time for grant application deadline.
    • Grant also requires the community HOA to vote on and approve funding 5% of the $5,000 grant proposal ($250) for the project.
    • J. Yazinski (HOA Board Secretary) motions to approve funding; S. Wilt (HOA Board President) seconds.  Board votes and approves the $250 community contribution needed for the grant.
    • Grant documentation & HOA board meeting minutes approving funding will be notarized.
  • Landscaping refresh at front entrance discussed with Ivan; new plants and fertilizer will cost $507 + $100 labor if done by his team.  Before deciding, will try to recruit individuals during annual meeting to volunteer to help.
  • Sidewalk between Zorn & Uhlman properties needs to be cleaned (by pond); L. Ort to contact Red Shoes for quote.

New Business

  • Confirmation of date of annual meeting, which will be held on Monday, March 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM at Cornerstone Community Church (will be secured by S. Wilt or M. Pastor).  Candidates for board positions and volunteers for landscaping and social committees will be recruited for at meeting.

Next meeting will be the Annual Tuscany Meeting on March 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM at Cornerstone Community Church.

Move to adjourn meeting, meeting adjourned at 8:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristen Gordon, Secretary

The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.