Board Meeting Minutes from October 8, 2018

Tuscany HOA Board Meeting

Monday, October 8, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM.

Members present: Sandra Wilt, Kristen Gordon, Larry Ort, Mike Pastor, Andy Horne, Jeanne Yazinski

August HOA Board Meeting minutes provided via email to board; motion by Jeanne to accept minutes, Andy seconds.

Treasurer's Report (Jeanne):

  • Currently under budget by $8k
    • Checking Balance: $13,838.46
    • Savings Balance: $36,477.41
  • Irrigation has hit budget; will up budget for next year with a lot of repairs
    • Comes every other month now, starts to come monthly in May.
  • Lake Masters came in Feb, May, Aug, and Oct; issues receding with pond with visits.
  • Will provide John (irrigation) and Ivan (landscaping) with bonuses for Christmas for the hard work they have done for 2018; will be determined how much based on rate increases for 2019 (if any).
  • Motion by Andy to accept Treasurer's Report, Mike seconds. Treasurer's Report accepted

Community Oversight Committee (Larry):

  • August Violations
    • Current violations:
      • 1503 Cashiers Drive: Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway
      • 1504 Cashiers Drive: Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway
      • 1664 Victoria Way: Debris in lawn & next to garage
    • Prior outstanding violations:
      • 1508 Cashiers Drive: Pressure wash (COMPLETE)
      • 1618 Malcolm Point Drive: Pressure wash (COMPLETE)
      • 1670 Victoria Way: Weeds in beds (STILL PENDING; ISSUED 2ND NOTICE)
  • September Violations
    • Current violations:
      • 1551 Victoria Way: Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway
      • 1504 Cashiers Drive: Lawn/bushes/hedges/beds need to be done
      • 1631 Charlemagne Court: Weed beds & mulch
    • Prior outstanding violations:
      • 1503 Cashiers Drive: Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway (COMPLETE)
      • 1504 Cashiers Drive: Pressure wash sidewalk & driveway (STILL PENDING; ISSUED 2ND NOTICE)
      • 1664 Victoria Way: Debris in lawn & next to garage (COMPLETE)
      • 1670 Victoria Way: Weeds in beds (COMPLETE)
  • Yard of Month:
    • August: 1678 Malcolm Point
    • September: 1636 Victoria Way
    • October: 1512 Cashiers Drive
  • ARB requests:
    • 1569 Victoria Way: Replace shingles (8/13)
    • 1674 Victoria Way: Remove 2 trees; also requires city approval (8/29)
    • 1559 Victoria Way: Install seamless white gutters (9/18)
    • 1206 Thornberry Court: Pressure wash house, driveway, pool enclosure, sidewalks & paint exterior of house (9/21)
    • 1563 Victoria Way: Install rain gutters (9/24)
    • 1563 Victoria Way: Install brick pavers in driveway, sidewalks & back patio (9/24)
    • 1678 Victoria Way: Replace back & right side fence (9/25)
  • Additional Community Oversight Activity:
    • August
      • 8/16/18: Pond lights replaced by Lake Fountains & Aeration, Inc. ($276.90)
      • 8/21/18: S. Wilt reported fountain not operating; C. Zorn checked and time of day needed resetting.
      • 8/27/18: S. Wilt reported that Ivan (Imperial Landscaping) alerted her of sinkhole between pond & Fullers Cross Rd. Ivan & Larry reviewed, turned off sprinkler system for review by John from irrigation company and secured area with caution tape.
      • 8/30/18: John found sprinkler rotor head issue that he will fix on 9/24 and reported not a sinkhole.
    • September
      • 9/2/18: J. Curall expressed concern that hedges along Fullers Cross were coming through/over fence; Ivan completed a trim of hedge second week of September.
      • 9/4/18: Secured No Trespassing sign on east side of pond with new bolts.
      • 9/4/18: Per August note, John repaired sprinkler rotor.
      • 9/6/18: Filled sinkhole with soil and topped with sod.
      • 9/9/18: J. Matthews emailed about possible sprinkler leak on Fullers Cross behind their house and Rose & Dale's house.
        • Larry checked out issue and text John pictures; John said he'd be out to check it out that week. Larry also cleaned out sidewalk/drains and cut a small trench along sidewalk. Followed up again with John on 9/20.
      • 9/21/18: John found leak with an HOA pipe located on resident property; John will finish job on 9/24/18 (COMPLETE).

Old Business

  • 2019 Budget
    • Do any vendors require a rate increase? Larry to outreach to determine for November meeting.
    • Jeanne motions to raise dues by $25 to $300 for 2019 to be put into reserves (capital improvements); Andy seconds. Approved.
    • Jeanne will develop budget for next year and present at November meeting.

New Business

  • WG City Commission on traffic light (E. Crown Point/Fullers Cross)
    • Sandra to go to meeting on 10/11 to represent Tuscany
  • Luminaries Night
    • 12/15, 3 PM Luminary Assembly (1630 Victoria Way)
  • HOA dues will be due 1/1/19 and will be sent out week of 11/26
    • Late fees assessed as of 1/15

Next meeting will be on November 15, 2018 at 6:30 PM.

Move to adjourn meeting, meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Kristen Gordon, Secretary


The mission of the Tuscany Homeowners Association is: To institute and enforce rules, regulations and legal restrictions designed to ensure that the Tuscany neighborhood is a safe, attractive and desirable community where property values and resident satisfaction are maximized.