Board Meeting Minutes from December 11, 2013

Tuscany HOA Board Meeting

Minutes of 11 December 2013

Members present: Byron Dey, Robert Walker, Dale Belt

Others present: Sue and Dexter Blois (residents)

The meeting was held at the home of Robert Walker, 1678 Malcolm Pointe Dr and was called to order at 7:30 PM by Mr. Dey, president.

The treasurer's report was read. A balance of $46,867.27 as of 30 November was noted with expenses anticipated in December of $2,370 leaving a surplus balance at year's end.

Mr. Dey discussed the annual dues considering that the Association had a surplus in its accounts. Mr. Dey indicated that the surplus is for unexpected expenses that may occur, and the main purpose of the surplus is for replacement of the wall at the front entrance should it become necessary at some point in time. Mr. Belt will contact a contractor to get an estimate (in today's dollars) for repair and/or replacement of the wall.

Mr. Belt will contact Massey to ascertain why there have been no treatments since September.

Mr. Belt will also contact the electrician who did work on the lights on top of the wall at the front entrance. There are different bulbs in some of the fixtures, casting a different color of lighting. Mr. Dey suggested that the lights should be of the LED type, thus eliminating the need for constant replacement. Mr. Belt stated that if the bulbs are replaced, the contractor will credit for the lamps removed.

Luminaries: the annual luminary lighting will take place on 21 December starting with the distribution of bags, sand and votive candles at 3PM in the driveway to the lift station near the pond. Light up will begin at 5:30 PM with cookies and hot drinks available in the Charlemagne cul-de-sac shortly thereafter.

Plantings: Mr. Belt will arrange for planting "winter" flowers at the front entrance on 14 December.

Violations: Mr. Walker noted that there is a dead tree in the yard at 1621 Walkerton. However, the house is not occupied. The "For Rent" sign has been removed from the lot; however, the trash can and recycle cart are in front of the garage door. Mr. Dey suggested that a "notification" letter be sent to the property owner particularly since the dead tree is a safety issue.

Mr. Dey indicated that a new committee to look at the fine schedule is needed to make sure the fines are consistent with the state statutes. However, that will be a function of the HOA board that takes office at the annual election in March.

Mr. Walker also noted that the fence has been installed at 1563 Victoria Way in compliance with the violation notice previously sent.

Mr. Dey moved to keep the annual dues of the association at their present level, $255.00 per year. VOTED: unanimously.

Mr. Belt will check with the church to confirm its availability for the HOA's annual meeting, usually held on the first Monday in March.

The Board voted to adjourn at 8:27 PM.

Next meeting:

                 8 January 2014

                 Alcabe's home, 1637 Malcolm Pointe Dr.