Board Meeting Minutes from November 13, 2013

Tuscany HOA Board Meeting

Minutes 13 November 2013

Members present: William Alcabes, Dale Belt, Robert Walker, Byron Dey, Lori Jones

Others present: Rose Staveley, Jack Curell, Justin Moore, Donna and Kent Horsley, Bernie Gontko, Benny Locken, Sue and Dexter Blois

Mr. Dey called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


1504 Cashiers: Sod extension thru 4-15-2013

1507 Cashiers: ARB application available under click on link to right under CCRC and then click on ARB to print

1559 Victoria Way: Must remove basketball goal.

Tyrrell: work completed

1678 Victoria Way: pressure wash complete

Roger Grant: Sod extended thru April 15th. Sidewalks needs to be done.

Justin Moore: Boat ok overnight after 9 to 6pm. The Board voted unanimously on boat/RV rule to allow the boat to be parked from 9pm-6am overnight.

Ms. Jones will send a general letter of thanks from the HOA Board to everyone. Many improvements notes. After Thanksgiving the Board will re-walk the community to re-evaluate who needs a follow up on the compliance.

Board voted unanimously to extend re-sodding for all thru April 15th.

Web Site: House decorating contest to be added to website for Christmas. Also, winners of the Yard-of-the-Month contest will be noted on the web site.

The Board asked Mr. Blois to correct Mr. Belt's address on board page to 1654 Malcolm Point Dr. (not Victoria Way) and to add Diane Johnson's email address to Woman Club paragraph.

Once the date is established, the Luminary/ Holiday Block party will be noted on website. (Woman's Club to work the details.)

The Board discussed challenges of enforcing fines for non compliance.

October meeting minutes need who was present and noted if there was or was not any votes taken and/or approved.

The Board members stated that they all were extremely grateful for all the community support and attendance.

Mr. Dey will follow up with legal counsel regarding the fee schedule.

Pressure wash of common areas to begin week of November 18th.

Mr. Belt was asked to get more quotes ASAP for lawn/pest control. The Board felt that Massey is not living up their agreement.

Board to review in greater detail with CCRC's re: intent and enforcement as well as an attempt to make them current and in compliance with statute.

Meeting adjourned: 10:15pm

Next meeting: December 11th at 7:30pm

at the home Lori Jones, 1631 Charlemagne Ct.