Board Meeting Minutes from October 9, 2013

Tuscany Homeowners Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2013

Call to order: 7:56 by W Alcabes 2nd by D Belt

Old Business

Violations needing to be addressed. Reviewed letters and made some changes. Lori to finish and send out.


New Business

General Letter to community regarding violations giving opportunity to fix. Followed by specific violation letters to residents. Attached to general letter is fine schedule developed by finance committee (approved by board).


Article VIII Sect 1 paragraph regarding trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles needs to be addressed perhaps by neighborhood letter followed by violation letters.


Article VIII sect . Please hide Garbage cans and other items out of view from the street.


Next meeting November 13, 2013, 7:30 PM

Dale Belt

1654 Malcolm Point Dr

Meeting Adjourned: 2057