Board Meeting Minutes from September 11, 2013

Tuscany Homeowners Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2013 @ 7:30 pm

Attendance: Byron Dey, Lori Jones, Dale Belt, Robert Walker

Old Business

Camera System for front of neighborhood - No further estimates obtained yet.  Plan to get estimates starting October from two more companies.

Covenant update - RE: rent to own.  Byron Dey signed and Dale and Robert witnessed.  Lori will notarize and submit to lawyer.

Lori Jones presented the finances to the board.

New Business

Landscape lighting repairs - A quote was received for the repairs of the landscape lighting that was tripping their breaker.  A motion was made by Dale Belt and seconded by Lori Jones to accept the quote and authorize new fixtures to be installed per the quote, up to $500.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Dale Belt is to purchase 4 common keyed locks for the electrical panels to be installed, due to finding the breakers turned off and the fountain not running.  This will encourage homeowners to contact the board about maintenance issues instead of simply resetting tripped breakers themselves.

A homeowner slipped and fell while walking their dog on sidewalk that had not been cleaned and was slippery after a rain.  The city was contacted and they have stated that it is the responsibility of the individual homeowners to maintain their sidewalks and the HOA to maintain the common areas.  Because of this, Dale will get pricing on cleaning the common area sidewalks that need it and a reminder letter will be drafted and sent to all households reminding them to clean their sidewalks in accordance with HOA covenant Article VIII, Section 1, Subsection f, by Byron Dey.  A fine schedule is to accompany the letter and inform homeowners that the fines will be followed for sidewalk cleaning as well as any other covenant article.

Lori Jones, Dale Belt and Robert Walker were to evaluate the neighborhood for CC&R violations and submit them to Byron Dey for issuance of letters.

Next meeting

October 9th2013 @ 7:30 pm

Robert Walker

1678 Malcolm Pointe Dr

Meeting Adjourned: 2045