Board Meeting Minutes from August 14, 2013

Tuscany Homeowners Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2013

Call to order: 7:56 by W Alcabes

Members present: W. Alcabes, R. Walker, D. Belt

Others present: D. Blois

Old Business

Camera System for front of neighborhood:.

We will be continuing to investigate the costs and feasibility over the rest of this fiscal year.

Convenant update- RE: rent to own:

            Has it been changed?

1500 Cashiers:

            Not able to verbal. Letter to be sent, Re: Lawn Maintenance

Finance committee delivered a fine schedule overview to be review by the HOA Board and vote in August to pass. Not all present, pushed to September.

New Business

Side walk cleanings:

Is it in budget (ask Lori)? 

Does this fall under city management/maintenance (Dale to check)?

Article VIII Sect 1 paragraph A regarding trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles:

Needs to be addressed perhaps by neighborhood; letter followed by violation letters.

Article VIII sect 5 regarding property upkeep:

           Please hide Garbage cans and other items out of view from the street.

Next meeting September 11, 2013

     Bryon Dey

     1567 Victoria Way

Meeting Adjourned: 2057